Course Description

Do you have trouble coming up with story ideas for social media that will impact your audience or bottom line? Do you struggle to post consistently? Do you want to make meaningful connections with audiences online? If you answered YES to any of the above, you need to check out our Think Little, Create Big Video Marketing Course

We developed this course to help business owners, organizational leaders, marketers, public relations practitioners, influencers, and educators learn to use the digital tools you likely already have (like your smart phone) to tell better video stories across media platforms. 

Think Little, Create Big is your step-by-step guide to video marketing! Here's the deal: this program is going to help you take control of your social media presence through the use of video! When you show up authentically and consistently with video, people respond. We know this to be true from our successful work with clients through our business, Homeplace Creative and from our experience as broadcast journalists.

The program is broken into two phases and we, Kyle & Meg, will walk you through each step. We’ll show you exactly how to create a compelling story and help you find the best types of stories to grow your business and influence in online spaces. We even walk you through example videos we've created to give you an up-close, behind the scenes view of the process. 

Plus, we'll cover how to film & edit videos using free software. As a special bonus, we have created an exclusive Think Little, Create Big Facebook group for all the video creators in this program to support, like, and share each other’s content – so you basically have a built in audience (and access to us) for your videos right out of the gate! We've also included some awesome bonuses including sections on: building graphics, and optimizing live video streams.  Finally, we’ve created a workbook to help you stay on track throughout the course, so you don’t miss anything and can review the material.

Think Little, Create Big will help you achieve your marketing goals with:

  • confidence in your social media presence using your authentic voice
  • emotionally-compelling video content
  • story ideas for social content that transfer across platforms
  • more views/engagement on your videos and posts
  • more traffic and leads
  • access to continued feedback on your videos as you develop via the Facebook group

And here’s the great thing, we know that your time is valuable, so we made this course as efficient and accessible as possible – you can complete the entire course in under 4 hours and unlimited access per subscription!

Happy Storytelling!

Social proof: testimonials

Havilland Maxwell

Creative Business Coach

If you want to learn how to tell your business story, then start with this course. Think Little, Create Big isn't just filled with just a bunch of talk. You'll learn filming and editing techniques that are easy to understand so that you can feel confident when shooting your own videos. Megan and Kyle will give you real examples of ways to make your videos look professional - even if you're a beginner! I've been in front of and behind the camera for fifteen years, and I can say I picked up some great tips and reminders! If you've been trying to figure out how to tell your story on video, then grab this course!

Haley Watkins

HR Assistant at ValFilm USA

The course Video Marketing 101 was very helpful for me to learn more about video marketing and storytelling. I liked that I could work through the content at my own pace, and that each segment was 30 minutes or less. With each new video there was a new perspective or way to think about storytelling and there were examples. The video structuring was amazing in the way it went from you teaching the content to the final product or video produced. From taking this course I feel more confident in shooting videos on my phone to use on social media. Every time I think about posting to the company social media I am figuring out what story to tell and the best way to do so. Overall I think this is a great course to learn video marketing whether you are a pro, beginner, or somewhere in the middle.

Jacob King

Program, Outreach, and Volunteer Coordinator at NAMI

Where I really benefited from this course was exploring the different types of stories that are told when marketing through video. The structure of this course is really helpful in explaining the concept and then visually demonstrating it to the student. I walked away with refreshers and new information.


Megan Adams

Megan Adams, PhD is a former broadcast journalist with years of experience in video storytelling. She's taught sought after courses in digital storytelling and video production at the university-level and mentored dozens of students in successful careers.

Kyle Adams

Kyle is an award winning anchor, reporter, and television meteorologist with over ten years of experience in the broadcast news industry. He's CEO of Homeplace Creative, a media production company aimed at helping storytellers tell and distribute the stories that help grow their organizations. Kyle holds a Masters Degree in Rhetoric and Writing and has taught courses in digital storytelling at the university level.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Get Started!

    • A Message from Meg & Kyle!

    • Orientation (WATCH THIS!)

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Part One: Tell The Story

    • The Building Blocks of Story

    • The Elements of a Successful Story

    • The Value Story

    • The Founder Story

    • The Purpose Story

    • The Customer Story

    • Interviewing

  • 3

    Part Two: Create the Story

    • Equipment

    • Filming Your Video

    • Editing Your Video Story

    • BONUS: Master Facebook Live

    • BONUS: Use Canva for Video Graphics

  • 4

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...